Cuenca Y Blanco (CYB)

The Cuenca Y Blanco was a late night grab out of the humidor. Just when you think you don’t have time for a cigar and you pick one that changes all of that. I had a little Jameson’s Irish whiskey, and relaxed with this on the back deck. This stick is consistent throughout, the burn…


Drew Estate Liga Privada #9

Let me start by saying most people relate the Drew Estate line to infused cigars, and this is not to diminish those but to get everyone to try their other lines. This cigar from the cut and light did nothing but amaze me. The flavors from the cigar are definitely more of a full flavor…


Tatuaje Cabaiguan

This was given to me by a friend about a year ago. The Tatuaje line by Pete Johnson has a wide range of cigars for all tastes. The pre-light aroma was smooth and easy on the senses. The first third of the cigar burned very evenly and gave a flavor of almonds and oak. The…


My Father Flor de Antillas

This cigar has an aroma that’s amazing pre-smoke. Some of you may not like the flavor from the Rosado wrapper, but I thoroughly enjoy it. This cigar went well with a glass of red wine. The burn and draw were perfect and Don Pepin has once again impressed. 8/10 Smoke rings.


Good wine and cigars in Eastern Washington

Great trip across the state. The red wines at Cultura Winery are amazing and a nice pairing with a good cigar. There’s something about good cigars with good friends, they go great together. When your gifted a great cigar don’t save it, smoke it and enjoy the time your in.


La Aroma de Cuba robusto

Spent a great afternoon stopping by the wineries in the high desert area of Washington. After finding a great shady spot, it was time to enjoy the La Aroma de Cuba robusto. The plume on the cigar was a great sign from the start, and the flavor didn’t disappoint. This is a great afternoon cigar…

Drew Estate event @ Little Brown Smokeshack

The cigar event was pretty low key, Jonathan Drew couldn’t attend due to a hurt back (get well soon BOTL). Fabien Ziegler stood in and did a great job recommending cigars for the undecided. I picked up a box of the Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Robustos. What a great cigar!!!! These really are a secret…