Viaje Satori

The temperature is 27 ℉, this Viaje Satori Robusto is warming things up nicely, today is one of my last free days for the next six months so we are relaxing by the lake with the pups. I picked up a few of these at my B&M and so far it may be my favorite…


Casa Magna Colorado

This stick was gifted to me out of a limited edition collectors box and damn it was amazing. Thanks Jim. I have enjoyed a few of the Casa Magna cigars in the past but none as smooth and as easy on the palate as this. The stroll around the lake probably helped the enjoyment a…

2013-12-21 21.06.21

Four Kicks Robusto

I have been traveling for what has seemed like a month, but in reality on 5 days. We have driven from Seattle to Missouri and not had a chance to post for a few days, but this doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed a few great cigars along the way. I received this “Four Kicks” Robusto…


Route 66 Cigars

Driving from California to Missouri, and today I was lucky enough to enjoy some great cigars while driving on Route 66. Fantastic way to enjoy my recent retirement and journey to our new home. Where’s the most recent interesting place you have had a great cigar??


Cross Country Cigar Trip

Gonna be relocating as of Sunday, my cigar lounge is mobile over the next week as I drive from Seattle, WA to Branson, MO. I will be trying to document my smokes along the way but not while I am driving. If you had this opportunity what cigars would you smoke on a road trip…


El Gran Robusto by Don Lopez

The Don Lopez Toro turned out to be a great cigar for this cold walk. I had just received these from Yunior Lopez in the mail and couldn’t wait to give them a try. The flavor profile was fantastic, very smooth. The best way to describe this cigar is a mocha. It is creamy and…


Sencillo Limited Edition

Black Friday came and I went to the cigar shop http://www.lilbrown.com I have never been shopping on the morning after Thanksgiving but I am glad I did. I found a box of the 2010 Limited Edition Sencillo at a hell of a bargain. These are quality cigars from the makers of the elusive “God of…