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La Riqueza

The La Riqueza by Tatuaje. The look of this cigar after opening the box brought back an old world feel. It’s a very toothy and rough wrapper and a few veins showing which tells me the filler is where the bang is at. These come in boxes of 10 and the price is great. After…


The Cigar Hammer continues

The cigar smoking hammer continues to drop and the limitations being placed on enjoying a good cigar are discouraging. The most recent location is in my backyard. It looks like Branson, MO has passed a horrible piece of legislation that will limit another freedom. Leave people alone! http://www.ozarksfirst.com/story/d/story/branson-board-of-aldermen-pass-smoking-ordinance/22063/CmeK1AiLwUux3Nz_jUTrfw  


Perdomo Double Aged 12 Yr Sungrown

Perdomo Double Aged 12 Yr Sungrown 7×56 Churchill $11 limited ed. Bought from lilbrown.com. Buy 3 get 1 free woo hoo! Got a mixed box, Connecticut on left, Sungrown pictured right. Initial: Smoked several of these and the Connecticut version, but not the Maduro…yet. Smooth and perfect outer appearance. Hefty stick, has a substantial weight…


Crowned Heads – Jerico Hill .44s

Crowned Heads – Jericho Hill .44s 5.1×44 box press $8 Initial: Ben gave me this, thanks Ben! Nicaraguan, My Father factory made. Drinking Bourbon with this. Nice box press. Texture of the wrapper is semi-rough to the touch but acceptable. Light it up…there she goes. Seems to burn fast. Flavor is outstanding, right from the…


RoMa Craft Limited Edition Craft La Campana de panama soberana

RoMa Craft Limited Edition Craft La Campana de panama soberana Pyramid 5×60 $13.50 Initial: Got this from Ben, thanks! Nice construction. Covered foot was harder to light than a cut or shaggy foot. Strong, feels the nicotine…Kentucky Pennsylvania tobacco filler I’m guessing. Drinking a bourbon with this. 5 minutes: smooth, but astringent aftertaste…hmm. 10 minutes:…


JFK’s cigar love affair.

  I found this to be an interesting read and thought I would share it here. Now I am going to light up one of my own Petit Upmann’s and relax. I would recommend you do the same and enjoy the history lesson. The only other President I think who has done this much for…


Jekyl Monster by Tatuaje

The newest monster by Tatuaje is the Jekyl and it is one tasty cigar. I cracked open the box as soon as they arrived which is not the norm for me. I usually let them set for a week or more, but I wanted to give these a try. I can definitely pick up just…


Drew Estate is now sweet with Swisher

    In the recent weeks there has been much speculation and rumor about the Drew Estate sellout to Swisher. This has angered some of the fans and also prompted funny responses from the associated party. I myself had spoken in chat with Jonathan Sann (AKA “JD”) and he denied the sell and even went…