Blue Mountain Cigars “El Beest”

2013-09-18 11.18.52

If you like “Ligero” tobacco and want a cigar with some power in a robusto size, then pick up an “El Beest” by Blue Mountain Cigars. Each cigar is capped with a tightly turned pigtail style top, and a full white sleeve which really makes it eye catching and protects the wrapper, which was flawless. The pre light aromas were very nice and a definite hint of espresso was easily picked up.

I have been fortunate enough to have been sent some of these and they are really beginning to be one of my favorite cigars for a daily smoke. I have had these resting for a week or so and they have settled nicely. The “El Beest”, has a lot of kick from the light. This cigar only comes in the “robusto 5” x 54″ and I am not sure if I could recommend them making a bigger version of this cigar.

After the first half of the cigar, it started to smooth out and deliver a consistent burn to go with the great flavors. This cigar reminded me of a great cup of coffee. The smoothness of this “Ligero” stick was enough for me to give it a rating of 7 Smoke Rings. I would have to recommend this cigar to anyone who wants a stick with kick.

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