AKA Solace Destiny Corona (6×44)

American Kick Ass Cigars, not sure about the name but I will give them a try strictly on the recommendation of the B&M. I picked these up at www.opendoorcigars.com for Poker Night. I am not one to venture too much into the boutique line, but will keep an open mind.

2015-02-18 08.50.38First, I chose the Corona (6×44) because I enjoy flavor over fullness and really think the best sample of a cigar is in a Lancero or a Corona. The band does not appeal to me and also the name “American Kick Ass Cigars”, seems like something a wrestler on the WWE would yell to the crowd, but who knows maybe I will start clothes lining people after smoking this.

According to the site for AKA, it is a New Generation Connecticut cigar with an Ecuadorian Wrapper and Honduran Filler. I really like the look of the wrapper, it was veinless and without any flaws. The aroma pre draw reminded me of the old snuff that came in the small can’s that my grandad used to dip, “Rooster Snuff”.

The prelight draw was full of flavor and very easy, which I am fond of a open draw.

10 mins- the flavor has a hint of pepper and some spice not too much but just enough to tickle the senses

30 mins- the wrapper has really drawn all of the moisture from my mouth and I am drinking water to keep my senses

Overall, I am giving the AKA Solace Corona a measly 6 Smoke Rings. Nothing special, band looks gawdy, and from my best judgement cheapish tobacco. This was a $7 cigar, but I think with that price I expected more.



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