Alec Bradley Mundial

2015-02-24 06.40.56The morning starts early with a quick jaunt through the neighborhood for a wake up dog walk. This morning things were a little slower since there is about an inch of fresh snow, so I thought I would grab a cigar and a cup of coffee to enjoy. I blindly reached into the humidor and pulled out the Alec Bradley Mundial.

I picked this up the other night at and have had a few in the past and needed to refresh my palate. The Mundial in my opinion and I am an expert on my opinion is the best cigar Alec Bradley has released. The Mundial is a combo cigar it has tobacco from everywhere. That helps to meet everyone’s flavor profile. Tobacco from Nicaragua, Honduras, and the amount of ligero combined with the mix of binders really give this a flavor dragon kick.

Wrapper: Honduran Trojes
Binder: Hondruan, Nicaraguan (Double Bnder)
Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan (four tobaccos with as per Cigar Aficionado, a heavy component of Esteli ligero)

I like the Figurado shape of this cigar and find it helps to get an even burn from the beginning and didn’t need any touch ups even on a cold ass windy walk. I will say I didn’t take the time to take any photos while walking on ice and two dogs on leashes so please forgive me, my phone is not responsive to gloves. I ran into 3 people who were chiseling ice from their windshields and 2 said “it must be nice to have a job like yours”, in my usual expertly opinionated response I said “I am living the dream”. If they only knew how honest I am being.

I like the spice from the Mundial, it’s just a hint of pepper and pairs nicely with a cup of coffee. The one thing I did notice and this could just be me personally, but the Honduran tobaccos seem to dry my mouth a bit but not to the extent of the Sumatra wrappers.

I am going to give the Mundial by Alec Bradley a solid 8 Smoke Rings. This was a quick 30-40 minute cigar in 19 F weather and it kept my mind off being a frozen dog walker. This morning I was a lucky cigar smoker. Stay warm people, get the humidors packed with your favorite cigars, spring is just around the corner.

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