Arturo Fuente Between the Lines Hemingway


I smoke these pretty regularly, the Hemingway line is a favorite of mine and I haven’t reviewed these before just because of the regularity in my rotation.

The Fuente Between the Lines Hemingway, is one of the smoothest cigars I have found. The mix of the wrapper is not only appealing to the eye but also the pallet.


On average this is a good 30-45 minute smoke. Don’t let the size of the cigar sway you’re choices. The mix of the Connecticut and Broadleaf tobacco in the wrapper keeps most smokers happy.

The price on these can be a little higher than most and that is usually because of the seasonal offerings they come in. I would definitely recommend giving these a try when you find them and putting a few away for a rainy day.


I am giving this 7 Smoke Rings. I would love to hear you’re opinions on these and all cigars being reviewed. Just remember, it’s my site = my review.

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