Arturo Fuente Destino al Siglo Anniversario Torpedo

20141130_190356This beauty came in the 2013 Toast Across America pack and I have been waiting for a nice reason to smoke it. The Arturo Fuente Destino al Siglo Anniversario Torpedo, measures 6 x 52 and is nothing short of perfection.

The cold draw and flavors from it are impeccable, just a slight hint of cedar and coffee. The wrapper is pristine and the aroma just from the cigar very appealing to anyone who wants to relax with a fine cigar. I am sorry I didn’t take more pictures, but I think I was in a trance smoking this.


10 mins- the flavors remind me of a nice cappuccino, just a light sweet flavor on the retrohale and enough spice to let you know you are in the righ tplace

30 mins- The burn is sharp, the flavor has increased a bit and the finish on the palate is very easy. This is the type of cigar that invites you to smoke another.

1 hour- I am down to the nub and honestly the flavor has gotten better into the sweet spot (last 2 inches), my friends I am with are envious and jealous of this cigar. I didn’t offer them my other.

I am giving the Arturo Fuente Destino al Siglo Anniversario Torpedo 10 Smoke Rings. If I had a higher rating this would definitely set the bar. There are times when you should really treat yourself and I feel like this evening I did just that.

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