Arturo Fuente Unnamed Reserve 2014 (6×60)

The Arturo Fuente Unnamed Reserve in a 6×60. A trip to Miami and this is what I planned to enjoy on the beach.

2015-02-05 08.15.35

I managed to slip away for a few hours in the evening and picked up a box of these from Neptune Cigars! A great shop with a magnificent selection and great service and only a block from the beach. I knew this would be 2 hours of enjoyment.

Looking across the ocean and realizing 90 miles south of me is Cuba, made this Fuente even better. I know recently in the news all the Cuba cigar rumors have been rumbling, but in my opinion ( I am an expert on my opinion) this is as good as any current Cuban cigar being sold. The cigar is overall a medium to full bodied smoke with just a hint of sugar on the finish and very subtle.

The smooth and effortless draw combined with the Fuente distinct flavor made this a perfect cigar to enjoy. I highly recommend buying a box of them when you can find them (limited release). The price is around $14-17 per stick but when you flash the credentials and use your connections you can find them much lower.

The overall smoke time was a little over 2 hours. I know some of you may not enjoy or even dabble in the Fuente boxes in your local cigar shops, but you should really venture back into that area and see what you have been missing.

This cigar deserves a 9 Smoke Rings Rating.

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