Augusto Reyes Maduro


The arctic blast has started again. My first cigar of the day is in 19℉ weather.

This is the first Augusto Reyes Maduro I have tried. I know this cigar has been in my humidor for a few months and it seems to have matured nicely.

This is a very inexpensive cigar, but don’t let that deter you from it. I would say this is a decent middle of the road Maduro cigar.Nothing jumps out at me in the flavor profile but it is an overall average stick. Would I buy this again? The answer is yes. Is this a daily smoker, maybe not for me but for some it very well could be. The price point is appealing ($60 box for 20) and it’s a good cigar for a little bit of yardwork.

I am giving this cigar 5 Smoke Rings, just a good average stick. Nothing bad, nothing great. Keep a few of these in the humidor, for when you are on the go.

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