Tatuaje – Baby Face (Little Monster)


This cigar had about over year of age on it in a box that most would overlook as a gimmick. I convinced atleast two friends of mine to buy the “Orange box with cartoons” on it and neither of them have regretted it.

The Baby Face is one of the five different cigars you get, and you get two of each. This one is more of the mellow and milder choices from the box. The whole assortment has very different flavor profiles.

I would give the Baby Face 7 Smoke Rings, and can’t wait to smoke the rest of the box.

2 thoughts on “Tatuaje – Baby Face (Little Monster)

  1. I smoked all of the Lil Monsters, and agree that they have different profiles. There were “peppery”, “even more peppery”, “way too peppery”, and “disgustingly peppery”. If you like cigars that taste like a blast of pepper, I give them all 11 smoke rings.

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