Balmoral Royal Selection Anejo 18


To begin, this is not a cigar that’s easily available bit damn if you get one smoke it!

I was gifted a few of these and just reached into the wineador and decided why not smoke one after yesterday’s turd. First, the name Balmoral is a European label and it is made in the Dominican Republic by the Royal Agio Cigar Company a Dutch owned company. The 18, is the age of the tobacco on the wrapper, this should alert you it’s aged and smooth as hell!

The wrapper looked amazing and somewhat leathery with a few veins. The initial light and draw were what amazed me both perfect and exceptionally smooth. There were a few distinct flavors of caramel and coffee from this cigar but both very discreet. The flavor and strength of the cigar increased just slightly throughout the entire hour it took me to enjoy this beauty.

There are only about 500 boxes of these made each year, and the individual cigar can cost up to about $15 and higher, luckily I have 2 left and they will be enjoyed just like this one….till my fingers burned. This is an amazing cigar and a real joy to review.


This cigar is deserving of the 10 Smoke Rings category. Get one of these and you will agree.

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