CAO Concert



The first rainy day in weeks here in Seattle, seems it was fitting for the “dud” cigar I chose.

I had high hopes when I grabbed this CAO Concert out of my review pile in my humidor. The CAO line used to be a cigar I really enjoyed, wow…..the times have changed. The burn on the cigar was very erratic and below average at best, the draw was really poor and difficult.

I am not sure what happened when the CAO company was sold, but the quality went out the window. I am rating this cigar a DUD. Now its time to light up an enjoyable cigar.



4 thoughts on “CAO Concert

    • I actually had 3 out of the 5 I purchased before writing this review, and this was the result on those. I haven’t had the other 2 yet.

  1. Interesting conclusion. I don’t doubt your experience, but I wonder if CAO is having some production consistency problems. In spite of some burn problems, which I concur with you on, the one I had was rather likeable. Based on your observations I’ll buy a few more singles before I get a box, or a 5 pack, even.

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