Why save a cigar?

Everyone has had a really good cigar in their humidor at one point, and I also have a few that I am cherishing but over the last couple of months I am realizing, why save it?? I am going to enjoy all of the cigars I have if I can. It annoys me when I…


Good wine and cigars in Eastern Washington

Great trip across the state. The red wines at Cultura Winery are amazing and a nice pairing with a good cigar. There’s something about good cigars with good friends, they go great together. When your gifted a great cigar don’t save it, smoke it and enjoy the time your in.

Drew Estate event @ Little Brown Smokeshack

The cigar event was pretty low key, Jonathan Drew couldn’t attend due to a hurt back (get well soon BOTL). Fabien Ziegler stood in and did a great job recommending cigars for the undecided. I picked up a box of the Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Robustos. What a great cigar!!!! These really are a secret…