Acid Blondie

A trip into infused cigars. I had a few of these lurking in the back of the humidor. I have usually given these to friends who didn’t enjoy cigars to lure them into the fray or even just give them to golfing buddies. This Blondie is a very well constructed cigar with a fantastic burn…


Leaf by Oscar “Sumatra”

This beauty, the Leaf Sumatra by Oscar is one nice looking cigar. First, the presentation is amazing, it comes wrapped in a single cigar leaf (hence the name). After unwrapping this cigar the flavor begins. I have to say the wrapper is really a fantastic idea and gives any cigar lover a nice experience with…


Luchador by Leccia Tobacco

If you’re a fan of wrestling then Luchador is a familiar term. If you’re a cigar smoker it needs to be! Sam Leccia has once again touched gold. This is one smooth cigar, the blend is perfect.  Not one bit of problem with the burn or draw. The flavor is a medium to full in…


Payback by Room 101

The mail man cometh, with Paybacks! I received these in the mail from Bellezia Tobacco Shop and a good friend David K. This guy knows my flavor profile and really knows his stuff. The Payback is a smooth transition from cutting the cap to nubbing it out. The draw is effortless.  Burns as smooth as…


Alec Bradley Fine and Rare

Fine & Rare has been resting in my humidor for over 2 years. Sunday morning at the golf course meant it is getting ashed. When the cellophane is yellow it usually means it’s time to smoke what is inside. I have a few more of these from the same batch and they will definitely be…


Morning Cigars

To me there isn’t a better start to the day than a mild cigar with a cup of coffee. One of my favorites is the Perdomo Champagne,  it’s mild with just a hint of cedar and mixes well with you black and bitter coffee drinkers or the rest of you who enjoy foo-foo. Another great…

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Bodega Reunion Digestivo

The Bodega Reunion Digestivo Toro. Digestivo refers to an after the meal cigar, the other cigar in this line is the “Apertivo”. This cigar is definitely worth a try and is really a treat. The dark textured maduro wrapper really gives a glimpse into how this cigar is going to smoke and taste. The dark…


Quesada 40th Anniversary

The Quesada 40th Anniversary Robusto. I know there has been a lot of hype over the Salomon shape, but it was really not my cup of tea when I picked it up. I am a big fan of a Robusto and feel the size is my favorite. The Quesada,  is a fantastic smoking cigar. The…


1502 by Emilio

The 1502 by Emilio cigars. Nothing but perfection. This robusto is exquisitely made, the burn sharp, and the flavor intensive. Memorial day was spent on the Lake with family and a few fine cigars. I am giving the 1502, 8 Smoke Rings.


Guyacan by Noel Rojas

Guyacan Robusto by Noel Rojas. After a great day on the boat, this was a fantastic cigar to enjoy a few adult beverages with. I was fortunate enough to receive a few samples from Gary Griffith of Emilio cigars and this one really caught my eye and senses. The aroma from the Guyacan is deep…