Cigars. Habit or Hobby?

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Okay, if your reading this you are one of three people. Those who like cigars, those who want to try cigars, or you stumbled upon my website and you will smoke cigars after reading this.

First, I would like to thank my “webmaster” for getting me into the hobby of cigars. I am sure if you are a cigar smoker, then you have been asked “why do you smoke cigars”? I have and I always respond with the same sort of answer, its a hobby and also my “me time”. No matter how bad of of day I have had, I can always decompress after a good or even sometimes a bad cigar.

To the people who want to try cigars, your in for a really good time. I have met some of the most interesting people while smoking a cigar. I have had cigars and drinks with ex Governors, retired NASA scientists, and garbage men. My point is, the cigar levels the playing field, it’s an ice breaker and a little bit of common ground. If you have a friend who smokes cigars, I guarantee you if you ask they will give you one, or in my case my best friend would send me home with bundles. This dates back to the American Indians sharing a peace pipe with the “pale faces”, cigars bring out good conversation.

If you stumbled upon my site by mistake, go buy a cigar and try it now. if you have any questions you can follow me here. Please, feel free to add to this post, leave questions, etc. You can follow me on Twitter @benpcb or my Facebook group under the contact tab.

2013-08-19 21.22.38


9 thoughts on “Cigars. Habit or Hobby?

  1. Habit has kinda a negative connotation, so I’ll go with lifestyle. I smoke daily, 3 to 5 cigars (OK some days more) and use it as a stress release and ME time. Enjoy the people I have met through the lifestyle and all of my long term best friends I have met through it.

  2. Started out as a hobby but now has became a habit lol… I enjoy smoking cigars when I get the time… Like you said it’s the me time I like… I really enjoy relaxin with a Good Cigar and a cold brew…

  3. It’s a deliciously habitual hobby. Just so you know….you have something I want….the Feral Flying Pig is AMAZING!!!

  4. Def both for me…started out intrigued..and now 2 years later..totally in is me time…relaxation time..and time to meet new and discuss and try new things!

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