Crowned Heads – Jerico Hill .44s

Crowned Heads – Jericho Hill .44s

5.1×44 box press $8


Initial: Ben gave me this, thanks Ben! Nicaraguan, My Father factory made. Drinking Bourbon with this. Nice box press. Texture of the wrapper is semi-rough to the touch but acceptable. Light it up…there she goes. Seems to burn fast. Flavor is outstanding, right from the light up. Reminds me of baby back ribs on the smoker. Sweet hickory wood with spices and brown sugar wafting about. Doesn’t smell like meat, just reminds me of the smoker and this thing smokes.

5 min: Already burned 1/2″ off the front, this is going to be a fast one. If you are thinking its under-humidified, its not. Nice and soft, no cracking sounds when squished. About 68 humidity.

15 min: Loving this cigar. Just wished it would last longer.  1″ already gone.

20 min: Still going strong. Flavors remain the same from first light. Intense flavor.

30 min: Same same. Darn good lil-cigar. 3.5″ remain.

40 min: Yup, you guessed it.

50 min: Lasting longer than I thought it would, burn rate slowed down slightly. 3″ remain.

60 min: …so much flavor for a little cigar. Last time I had anything this small and flavorful this was Pete Johnsons – Little Monsters. 2.5″ remain.

70 min: Only 2″ left :(

80 min: This little guy is picking up an even stronger flavor now, due to the accumulation and re-burn of “flavor molecules” at the tip from the previous hour. Crazy good.

90 min: Getting pallet fatigue. This cigar wore out my taster.

100 min: 1.5″ remain. Going to be hard to smoke another after this because of the contrast. This should be your last cigar of the night because of that. The taste now is get very concentrated.

120 min: smoked it to the nub

Final: Full body+ cigar in a little package. I am glad it isn’t too nicotine packed. Just a really damn good smoke. Not for beginners because the intense flavors will crush their weak constitution. Lasted a hell of a lot longer than I thought it would.

This is an easy 8 smoke ring rating. Only reason it doesn’t get 9 or 10 from me is because the flavor was so robust it didn’t allow any subtle notes to appear. Which sounds like a bunch of bull shit right, but really this is a flavor bomb. In the wine world there is a term “jammy” which means it tastes like a spoonful of berry jam. A good wine is jammy, a great wine is complex balanced and compels you to contemplate your existence. All that said I’ll be buying some more of these, because sometimes I want a “jammy” cigar to just enjoy the intensity for what it is.

See Ben’s “9” review here.

John G.

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