Cuenca Y Blanco (CYB)


The Cuenca Y Blanco was a late night grab out of the humidor. Just when you think you don’t have time for a cigar and you pick one that changes all of that.

I had a little Jameson’s Irish whiskey, and relaxed with this on the back deck. This stick is consistent throughout, the burn was great, the flavor perfect, and the price for these is great.

I would relate this cigar as one you could have with a cup of coffee or a pour of bourbon. This cigar gets a 9/10 smoke rings. Jose Blanco you have out done yourself.

4 thoughts on “Cuenca Y Blanco (CYB)

  1. I used to save good cigars for “special occasions”, now if I am relaxed and enjoying some cigar time that is special enough. Dig it out, cut, light, draw and repeat.

  2. Oh, every time I smoke it’s a special occasion. I smoke a good bit so some cigars I prefer over others for time of year, time of day, what I’ve eaten, what I will be drinking or how much time I have so sometimes some sticks just end up resting for a while and I’ve got many regular go to cigars.
    But, here lately I’ve been able to try many newer sticks with the influx of new stuff since the show and all the sticks that have come out in the last year.

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