Davidoff Puro D’Oro Gordito

IMG_20141227_185903 (Large)3.75×58″

Initial: I haven’t smoked a ton of Davidoff’s, mostly because my local shop doesn’t carry them. They say they cost too much for their clientele and the minimum order is $50k, so I was pretty happy to see this in a package Ben sent me for Christmas. It smells of stout and sweet chewing tobacco in a pouch like the first time you smelled it when you were a kid. The aroma is good, and strong and new. Construction; flawless except a few minor veins on wrapper which is more than acceptable. Punch cut the tip. Drinking Blantons bourbon.

8min: Okay, this is starting off surprisingly very well. It is reminiscent of an certain manufacturer that Ernest Hemingway would have liked….. in a maduro, anyway… that you smoked for 30 minutes and “then” it starts to kick in. It tastes like that, now. Has some strength to it. Makes sense, the Dominican flavors are similar.

15min: Steady ribbon of smoke peeling off it while it rests in the ashtray. Lots of smoke when drawed upon.

20min: This has some nicotine. From what I’m told this is all Dominican, but I think might include a sliver of Pennsylvanian. Al be it a small amount, its just simply too strong to be a Dom puro…in my humble opinion. If I’m wrong, I welcome this new Dominican strong flavor.

60min: Going great, nicotine kick has mellowed. Smoking a lot longer than I first imagined.

80min: 1″ remains, slightly bitter at the end. Most smokers would toss it right now.

100min: done, but should have stopped at 1″.

Conclusion: glad to see that Davidoff is now fully out of the 1980’s and making new edgy but still classically rooted blends. Flavor was very strong considering it was of Dominican origin. But not as strong as a Nicaraguan. Overall it was 8 rings, could have been more if the end notes were were better. But hey, I got to give them props because this is the direction I like to see any cigar company head towards.

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