Davidoff Thousand Series 2000 Tubos

2015-01-28 18.11.06 I will start by saying this was a gift from a friend (Thanks Jack). This is one of the best Davidoff cigars I have had. The aroma just from removing the cigar from the tube was instantly amazing. It reminded me of opening a fresh can of almonds. There was a hint of cedar with the sleeve and then a nice mellow aroma.

2015-01-28 18.11.29



The Davidoff Tubo is a smaller ring gauge, around 43. This is all Dominican tobacco and it is a very easy draw before lighting. To me these smaller cigars have just the extra flavor I really enjoy and have come to expect from all cigars, but sometimes the bigger ring gauges just miss the mark.


About 20 mins into this cigar and I have nothing to say except I need a “El Presidente” beer and I would feel like I am back at the Davidoff factory. I am really impressed with everything Davidoff produces. They know their niche and they stay with it. Some cigar makers are all over the place and miss the little things that make their cigars standout. Get your product perfect and then repeat it.
2015-01-28 18.12.08This cigar gave me just over an hour of pleasure, I burned my nails with this little morsel. If you have not enjoyed one of these before, please grab one or two you won’t be disappointed and they are well worth the $12-14 that you can find them for.

I am giving the Davidoff Thousand Series 2000 Tubo “10 Smoke Rings”. I would put this into another tier of cigars that should be enjoyed more often just to reset the baseline as to what other cigar makers should strive for.

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