Diesel Grind

2013-09-16 13.37.24

Today was a nice walk through the Pacific Northwest trails with the dogs for a little time to relax and start putting the rest of my week together. I chose a Diesel “Grind”, and I am glad I did. I haven’t had one of these before but I will be having a few more of these regularly.

This cigar construction was great and no flaws, the pre light aroma was a little leathery and earthy. The first third of the cigar was very spicy and really got the flavors working. I thought this cigar really got into the good flavors I enjoy about half way through. This cigar really put out some smoke and was a great choice.

I am giving this cigar 7 Smoke Rings, I would have rated it higher but I had to re-light it once and it’s my site and my rules. Here is a picture of my cigar lounge.

2013-09-16 13.51.23


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