Dissident Bloc B_A

2014-01-26 12.16.18I just received a nice sampler in the mail with a few stickers, a note which could have been written by “Zodiac Killer”, and some quality looking stogies. The cigars looked tasty, the stickers went on my wineador, and the note was turned over to the FBI for handwriting analysis! Their shop is in Wichita, Kansas after all and that’s where BTK liked to hang around so I am not taking any risks.

2014-01-25 14.54.27Lately cigar smoking has been difficult with the so called “Polar Vortex”, but this afternoon it was in the 60’s F and I really wanted to try the Bloc B_A. I got my hands on a Bloody Mary, my newest “Cigar Snob” magazine, and found a sunny spot on the deck.

I have seen these cigars in my local B&M and heard good things about them and now I know why. First, I would like to say I love the Nintendo styled cigar band. The look and feel of this cigar is fantastic. The wrapper had a dark and oily sheen to it and the pre light draw had a few peppery notes to it.

This was an enjoyable cigar. I picked up a little pepper and dark coffee flavors. The burn line was fantastic and the draw was very easy. I hate having a great cigar that has a horrible draw, but this was not the case and a big “thumbs up to the buncher and roller”! The flavor profile really stayed consistent throughout the entire cigar. When the burn line hit the band I noticed a question on the back of the band. Continue “Yes” or “No”? This cigar is a definite “YES” for me.

I am giving this cigar 8 Smoke Rings. I liked the simplicity, the quality, and the what you see is what you get factor from the package they came in. I will be attending their upcoming event at my local B&M  www.justforhim.com/catalog/ in a few days. Ask your shop owners about these cigars and their website is www.dissidentcigars.com

2014-01-26 12.17.03

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