Don Francisco Robusto

2013-09-11 15.38.50

I am smoking the second cigar from a package I received a few months ago from a friend Mike Cavanaugh of

This cigar really had a nice feel to it and a little bit of a rugged look to it. There was no cellophane but the wrapper looked bold enough to stand the travel across the states. The aromas I picked up from it pre light were a little earthy and grassy. The cigar had a few soft spots in it but nothing that felt like it would slow down the burn.

The first half of the cigar was okay, nothing special but then again not bad. It did have a little bit of a bitter flavor and the grassy tones were there throughout the entire smoke. This cigar really did put out a lot of smoke and it was bellowing behind me on my dog walk.

The burn and draw of the cigar were very good all the way to the nub. Into the last third of the cigar is when the flavors picked up more intensely. There were hints of spice and maybe a white pepper taste with a little cedar flavoring. This is a pretty decent medium bodied cigar.

I am giving this cigar a 5 Smoke Rings rating. I think the flavor profile could have been a little better but sometimes that’s what your dealt. I would say this is a good cigar for a little yard work or if your busy and not expecting alot.

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