Dont smoke cigars that you forgot were in you car

I found a few cigars while cleaning my car, they slid under the seat about a year ago. Ha, they were in a ziplock baggie and when I found them they were pretty dry. I thought I would try and re-humidify them so I put them back into their home in the humidor. I let them rest for about 3 months and tonight I tried to smoke one. I wont say the name brand, but its a good stick and rates 8 on this site. So, I expected it do drop in quality a bit to maybe a 5 rating. But, no sir! this thing was a turd of epic scale. Just a magnificent dog rocket. What was once a smooth and great tasting stick turned into a bitter, harsh roll of crap. And made my smoking room smell like satans butt hole.

Don’t be a cheap fuck like me! Don’t smoke cigars you found under your seat! :p


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