Drew Estate Herrera Esteli


The new Herrera Esteli by Drew Estate is one awesome cigar and could be one of my new favorites.

This is as close as it comes to a true “Cuban” cigar without the hassle. The maker is Willie Herrera, formerly of “Titan” and the quality he has brought with him to make this cigar is amazing. The pre light inspection was perfect, the draw and burn were just the same. This is a medium bodied cigar and just delivers great flavors and is a real pleasure to smoke.

I have nothing to say except, buy them. I picked up a couple and immediately ordered a box. This is a 9 Smoke Ring cigar, without a doubt.

5 thoughts on “Drew Estate Herrera Esteli

  1. Ben,
    I have not yet had the pleasure of trying this fine cigar by Willie Herrera. I am hearing very good things about it. Would love to hook up at an event to get one of his fresh rolled Herrera’s. Thanx for the review.

    Peace brother..


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