Drew Estate La Vieja Habana

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Today’s review is the Drew Estate La Vieja Habana. This is their first non-infused cigar and was introduced in the mid 90’s. The pre light feel of the cigar was very consistent and had a great look to the dark wrapper. The oils of the wrapper had really turned the cellophane and the label a nice yellowy color. There were very few veins visible and it had a nice earth aroma.

The draw of the cigar was very easy and the burn consistent throughout. Into the second half of the cigar is when the flavor profile turned it up a notch. The earthiness of the cigar was intensified with just a hint of sweetness and a very pleasant mix. The final third of the cigar was a gradual increase of earthy tones and just a little spice.

If your a fan of a cigar that will smoke out the neighbors over the fence, this is your choice. I really like the price appeal of such a good quality cigar and you can find these anywhere online at around $3-$4 a stick. If your looking for a quality cigar that you can mow the yard or do a little of the chores around the plantation with then buy this.

I am giving this cigar a 7 Smoke Rings rating and I will be ordering another box of these for myself as I am down to only a couple left.

4 thoughts on “Drew Estate La Vieja Habana

  1. Ben,
    you forgot to mention that is comes in at least 2 if not 3 wrappers. the green is the Brazilian Maduro. There is a corojo and a conn I think. Drew Brew or Tom Navarro would know the details..

    • George, your exactly right and thank you for the comments. The readers will appreciate your knowledge. I am always glad when I get positive feedback and would appreciate your opinions on all of the sticks I review.

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