Drew Estate Nirvana toro

Hi my name is John. This is my first review here, but not my first cigar. About me: Ive been a cigar smoker for 15 years and have saved every band, have storage lockers full of thousands of bands, I’m a band hoarder I guess. Its fun to look back and see bands that you forgot existed from failed ventures.

Anyway, onward to the review. Nirvana 6×52 Toro:

This is the new Drew Estate non-flavored Cameroon. I enjoy some of Drews unflavored cigars like the MWAT, Undercrown (which I believe is flavored slightly) and I can enjoy the Liga’s despite their over hype and wallet pressure. Even the new edgy Nica Rustica is good.

To keep this short: Cigar cost me $8.50,with buy two get 1 free at a promo event. Original price of $10.50ea…so they are definably probing for price and haven’t locked in quite yet. I think its worth $5ea. Tasted like a CAO Criollo before they sold out to General. Overall its not bad, it smokes good and is constructed well, but its just a mild smoke with no adventure, which is weird for Drew Estate. For me this will just be another cigar band in the pile, of which I can look back in a few years and say “wow, I forgot about this one…”. This cigar is so out of character of Drew Estate that I fear that Drew is filling their product lines in hopes of a buyout, my “Spidy sense” is tingling.

6 Rings. Would be good for a new smoker or light smokers. Expensive for unknown reasons.

edit: they also have a 4×44 version which is stupid small, oh and they were $8.50 each! lol


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