Ashton 6×56 Maduro, Dug into the “Stashston”

2013-08-20 14.20.34As promised this morning, I dug into the “stash” and picked out a goodie for this afternoons romp through the woods. I am sure some of you out there reading this have a some good experiences with these and maybe one or two of you (Barron) may have not. I myself, enjoyed the crap out of this cigar from the moment I picked it. The construction and smell of this cigar should be copied over and over again by other cigar makers.

2013-08-20 14.50.51The first half of this cigar was what they do best at Ashton cigars, subtle perfection. The aroma and flavor of this cigar was even complimented by a runner who said she could smell it a few hundred yards away and it was nicer as she got closer. This in itself is a hell of a compliment, sunshine always makes a day better and really gives you a chance to enjoy the surroundings. My dogs, the little guy on the left is “Chuck” and the other is “Buddy”, they could care less what I am smoking but probably just hoping I have another one with me and it will extend their time in the woods.

Okay, enough rambling about the ambiance and back to the cigar. The Ashton Maduro 56, is a big and powerful sort of cigar both in flavor and size. If your a cigar smoker who enjoys a Robusto or maybe a Toro I would advise you to step up a size when time permits and get one of these. The flavors I picked up were like an espresso and the cigar got very peppery in the last third, for those of you who like a spicy cigar then this will be a treat.2013-08-20 14.57.51I would be hard pressed to not give this cigar a 10 out of 10 on the Smoke Ring scale. The best part of this cigar is I know I have about 9 more like it still in my “wineador” waiting for me. My afternoon isn’t over and I think I may spend the rest of it on my back deck with a tall glass of “sweet tea” and another cigar or two.


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