Emilio Series H Maduro


The Emilio Series H Maduro. If you love a true Maduro cigar with Ligero tobacco on top of Ligero tobacco…..then this is you’re jam!

I picked up a smattering of sticks at my B&M Just For Him in Springfield, Missouri. I think I got this one there, bitnwho knows …..just check their shop! Yes, a smattering is a bunch!


I opened a bottle of white wine, for the hot spring day and made my way to the back 40 for a stroll. The cocoa flavor and pepper spice were a perfect match.
I have never been a big fan of some Ligero Maduros just because they can kill the palate and ruin my flavor of a follow on cigar, but this is not the case with the Series H.


The draw is smooth and almost effortless. The burn is even and sharp, no touch ups needed. I think my dogs were disgusted because more relights mean a longer walk!

Gary Griffith, you have a piece of Maduro art here!



I am giving this cigar 9 Smoke Rings! Don’t be afraid of this Maduro, buy it, smoke it, get another.

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  1. Emilio cigars never seem to disappoint. If you ever get over my way I’ll take you to meet Gary Griffith he is a DE local has 26 B&M stores and knows what cigar smokers like good people.

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