Fuente Anejo 77 Shark

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The Fuente Anejo 77 Shark, one of the best and most consistent cigars I own and have enjoyed. I have a box of these and smoke them not as often as I should, because I consider them a treat but from day one they are only better with each one smoked. The flavors are deep and the the finish very smooth.


5 mins- the flavor is just starting and the hint of a dark coffee is detectable, the draw is smooth and effortless

10 mins- the burn is sharp and even, the flavor increases but not too a harsh level it is enjoyable and mellow


20 mins- the ash hangs on and this is a tribute to the quality of the long filler that is used

40 mins- the cigar has really started to flourish, the last 1/3 of this cigar is where is sets itself apart from it’s competition with the mellow and deep flavors but not the nicotine kick, this is a cigar you can smoke and still enjoy a different cigar afterwards it does not kill the palate¬†2014-11-09 14.09.38

1 hour- I hate to snub one of these it’s almost an insult to snub a great cigar, just lie it in the ashtray and realize you spent an hour of relaxation

I am giving the Fuente 77 Anejo Shark, 10 Smoke Rings. When you smoke a cigar of this quality, it is recognizable from the onset. While smoking your next cigar think about a few things. Think of the people in the fields stripping the leaves, think of the workers in the factory hanging and drying the tobacco, and also the rollers constructing this piece of consumable art. When you buy a quality cigar, you are helping more than one owner or one shop, it has an effect on a community much the same way that your local cigar shop has on you. Tell the FDA to stay out of our cigar shops while you enjoy your next cigar by joining the CRA (Cigar Rights of America).


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