Fuente Hemingway Short Story



Sometimes there is no need to wander away from one of the cigars that grabbed you and made you a cigar smoker. My friend and fellow reviewer John, gave me my first good cigars and started me down a slippery slope with an Arturo Fuente Anejo. He saved me months of bad cigars and got me started on a great line that really never disappoints.

The Hemingway Short Story, is really one of my favorite cigars for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, I am a dog owner and many of my cigars are smoked while walking the dogs (you will notice dog butts in most photos). This gives me a chance to enjoy a good cigar while letting the dogs enjoy their time doing what dogs do (piss & smell).

2014-11-03 16.22.46

This is always a fantastic cigar with an easy draw, good burn, and the flavors are consistent. There are times when smoking a new cigar is an adventure but there is also a time when you need an old reliable. I am giving this Fuente Hemingway 9 Smoke Rings.

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