Fuente Short Story Gran Reserva Maduro

2014-12-28 13.45.54 The cold as hell dog walk needed some “kick me up”. We have started winter!!!! This Fuente Short Story Maduro has become a staple for cold weather cigar dog walking. The flavors are great!

2014-12-28 13.46.055 mins- cigar is cut and lit even on a windy cold day the aroma is enticing and inviting this is a great cigar, the wrapper is a little toothy and veiny giving it a rough look

15 mins- the flavor profile is full and yet the smoothness of this cigar is easy to enjoy

Maduro cigars don’t always mean harsh and powerful, the Fuente family along with a few other cigar makers have realized that and really made them enjoyable.
2014-12-28 13.58.4730 Mins- the cigar is down to where I had to peel the band and warm my fingers to the nub

This is the perfect cigar for me. I stray from them occasionally but when I smoke another I realize how great they are. Get these in your stock and enjoy this cigar. A quick and very enjoyable cigar at an affordable price. Not all cigars have to be Churchill’s! I am giving this beauty 8 Smoke Rings.

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