Gunslinger Cigars “Drifter”

2013-09-01 18.07.11

Today’s cigar is the Gunslinger Cigars “Drifter” a 6 X54 Torpedo. This comes from an independent maker out of Kansas City, MO and rolled at the AJ Fernandez factory.

At first look the cigar was a real beauty, flawless and clean wrapper with enough oils to give it a nice shine on the Ecuadorian wrapper. The smell of the cigar pre light  was a little earthy and had the hint of pecans or maybe almonds.

The first third of the cigar had a nice leathery flavor and maybe a hint of a oak taste. This cigar started out medium bodied but quickly shifted about half way through to a full bodied smoke with quite a bit of spice. As the full flavor crept up so did the hint of coffee and the smoke increased quite a bit.

This was a really good cigar, it could definitely be an everyday smoke and I think with a bit of age this could be one heavy smoke. I have a few resting and I will revisit them in a few months. I am going to give this a 7 Smoke Rings rating and I am sure I will be bumping it up in the near future.

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  1. Some love for Outlaw Cigar Co.! Best lounge in the Midwest, possibly the country, and they put out some awesome house blends! Definitely check out their other lines, the guys in the shop have fallen in love with the Black Powder.

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