Illusione 68


As all Illusione cigars go, there is a story be the name  below is the story from Dion.

“This was the year I was born hence, the smallest cigar in my line. It was also an homage to Paul Garmirian – BIG influence in my career as a Tobacconist along with Zino Davidoff. 68 is also a “happy” number.”

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try these you should make it a priority. The 4X44 size makes for a quick dogwalker. Don’t let the size fool you these are packed with flavor and the spice is great for those who like to tempt the palate.


The draw is easy, the flavor of black cherry on the finish combined with a dark smoke make this a fantastic cigar. At only $5 there is no reason that you shouldn’t have a few of these in your humidor.

I am giving this 68 by Illusione 8 Smoke Rings.

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