Illusione 888 for the drive

2015-04-17 09.43.48The Illusione 888, have been waiting for an opportunity to enjoy this cigar for a few months now and what better time than a 4 hour drive. First, the ingredients and specs on this beauty.


Size:6 3/4 x 48
Wrapper Color:Dark Natural
Wrapper Origin:Nicaraguan
Wrapper Leaf:Habano
I would have to say from the dry draw and light, this is an earthy cigar. I am okay with that in the beginning but really hope this explodes into something a little more unique and spicy. The first third of the cigar has burned well, the ash is a nice white and I am picking up some chocolate and almost cocoa flavors.
Almost halfway through and now Dion has exposed some spice, there is a hint of pepper and some real subtle flavors of sweetness and an almost fruity flavor on the palate. The cigar increased from mild into a more full bodied cigar that can really be savored by someone looking for more of kick. I haven’t noticed a real spike in the nicotine, so that tells me the tobacco is mature and consistent throughout.
The last third of the cigar has been enjoyable and the so called “sweet spot” has not been a disappointment. The cocoa and coffee flavor is enjoyable and yet subtle. This has been a 90 minute cigar with no flaws and a consistent flavor.
If you want a cigar with an easy draw, a very cool burn down to the nub and a primer in consistent flavor then this is a cigar you should try. I am giving the Illusione 888, a very well deserved 8 Smoke Rings. If you want to see the significant naming process Dion uses for this line check out:

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