Illusione Ultra


This evening I chose the Illusione Ultra, I am coming off of a head cold and wanted a strong cigar to knock this thing out.

I really enjoyed this cigar a lot, but let me tell you this is a cigar you need to have had a meal before and something good to drink, maybe a glass of red wine. I could really tell the nicotine levels in this cigar were pretty high.

I really like what Illusione cigars is doing with their whole line, simple and quality cigars. Nothing too complex but the flavors are really there. I am giving this cigar 7 Smoke Rings. Overall a really good cigar.

11 thoughts on “Illusione Ultra

  1. Really good sticks! I like them a lot! Very good consistency, construction, draw and flavor profile. Not too bad of a price point either!

  2. Illusione has been putting out some solid sticks for several years now. I can’t think of any that I didn’t enjoy. Maybe not the most complex but very consistent from stick to stick and box to box.

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