Jekyl Monster by Tatuaje


The newest monster by Tatuaje is the Jekyl and it is one tasty cigar. I cracked open the box as soon as they arrived which is not the norm for me. I usually let them set for a week or more, but I wanted to give these a try.

I can definitely pick up just a hint of pepper and a grassy flavor, the draw is great and the burn was decent for a new cigar. These will improve with age and hopefully meet the hype that’s around the dress box since there are only 666 made.


The total smoking time was just over an hour. The smoke from this Jekyl is deep and thick and really has a nice aroma to it. I am giving this Jekyl 7 Smoke Rings but will revisit this in a few months and I am sure they will improve. 

16 thoughts on “Jekyl Monster by Tatuaje

  1. As soon as my budget recovers, I need to try and get my hands on some of these. If, for nothing else, just to have had them. 😉

  2. Looks like you may have had some issues since cracking the box open so quick after receiving. Your excitement got the best of ya. Hope your next one works out better!

  3. I am still yet to get any of these, I have found a few retailers with them in stock…Looks like they need rest or something? The construction on that smokes like it took a turn for the worst? You drop that cigar before you lit it? I like the short little review, right up my alley!

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