Kentucky Fire Cured by Drew Estate


Heard so much about the Kentucky Fire Cured cigar I had to try a few. I really didn’t understand the hype behind this cigar and still don’t after smoking three of them for a review.


The flavor of the cigar is very odd to me, almost like too much liquid smoke on a steak.  There is a reason for flavored cigars and it’s usually to hide lower quality tobacco.  This time the flavors didn’t work. The burn was poor, the cigar felt spongy,  and the draw was irregular.


Would I buy this again? The answer is no. Is the flavor good? Once again no. I like my cigars to taste like tobacco, not a burnt piece of tobacco.  I am giving this Kentucky Fire Cured cigar 5 Smoke Rings. Some may enjoy this, but I will enjoy a cigar that tastes like a cigar.

6 thoughts on “Kentucky Fire Cured by Drew Estate

  1. This is blended with litakia pipe tabaco that gives it the “weird” flavor. This isn’t infused like the Acids or the Java.

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