La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Reserva

2013-10-13 10.05.45

The La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva was a great afternoon cigar for a cool fall day walking the dog. This is a cigar made in partnership with Ashton Cigars &¬†Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia & Co. This is just another great cigar with the highest quality in craftsmanship and flavor.

Full bodied is an understatement, the flavors of cedar and peppery spice are abundant. The smoke is plentiful and the finish is amazing. The dark San Andres wrapper and Nicaraguan tobacco really gives me a go to cigar when nothing else seems to hit the mark.

I am surprised this cigar is so easily obtained and not a more sought out stick considering the perfection you get with each one of these. The price is reasonable and can usually be found in the $8.00 range, which is a bargain for this kind of quality. I am giving this cigar 9 Smoke Rings. I would say if you have not had one of these then you really need to expand your humidor and add a few of these.


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