La Aurora Untamed

2015-02-11 12.15.27 La Aurora Untamed, this is something I would have probably never picked up in the cigar shop. It looks different and the band just a little cheesy to me. Though after lighting this cigar and really letting it tell me the flavors, I will be after a few more of these soon.

This is not a cigar you should look at and assume anything. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and a Dominican/Nicaraguan filler blend make this a real flavor power punch. I would definitely say it’s on the upper end of full bodied and has a great finish on the palate.

2015-02-11 12.26.45 The oily dark wrapper got my attention after pulling off the cello. I could pick up an almost oaky aroma before even lighting the cigar and on the cold draw just a hint of a smokey flavor. The first 1/2 of this cigar is a real attack from the pepper gods, then it settles into a nice spice down to the nub.2015-02-11 12.28.24The total smoke time was just over and hour. I can honestly say this is an afternoon cigar for me, too much power for my morning cup of coffee. Overall I would give this Untamed by La Aurora 7 Smoke rings. I think the abrupt sharp flavors could be a little more refined and back closer to what made La Aurora who they are today.

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