La Flor Dominicana Box press

2015-01-15 07.49.04You want “ligero”, we have “ligero”!

This is one of the cases where you have a small package and a big explosion. I grabbed this little cigar for a dog walk this morning 5×48 box press thinking oh this will be a nice easy smoke to start the day, well that changed quick.

I really enjoy the spice and in your face flavor that Litto Gomez has brought to LFD. I think this is one of the cigars you may overlook in your local B&M, but trust me grab a few and prepare for lift off. The wrapper looks rugged, a little toothy, and the wrapper is veiny. Maybe this is to scare the feint mild smokers away? Grab it, cut it, smoke it!

It lasted about 40 mins, the draw was easy and the smoke is plentiful. This is a nicotine kicker too.

I am giving this LFD Premium Line box press 7 smoke rings. It would have been an 8 but the burn was a little off and needed a few touch ups, could have been the wind but definitely pick a few of these up.

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