La Jugada “Prieto” Robusto

2013-08-19 16.05.39The end to a busy Monday was a La Jugada “Prieto” Robusto provided to me by Mike Cavanaugh of

As some of you will see on my reviews, I have my dogs out and usually walking the old abandoned railroad tracks. These dogs almost sense when I get a cigar, that it means they are going for a walk and I have found it’s one of the best times of day to enjoy a good smoke and process the crap that the Navy threw at me today.

The La Jugada, had a great smell and firmness to it pre-cut and this really got the cigar going very early for me. I really enjoyed the deep flavors from this stick and the clouds of dark smoke. The first thing I noticed with this cigar was the extremely dark wrapper and it was accentuated by the great band, a very inviting look to a cigar. This stick started off with a slight flavor of dark coffee and dark chocolate and a very easy draw. The burn could have been a little better, but this could be because I hadn’t aged it very long in my “Wineador”. Halfway through this cigar the spices started to really appear and it’s definitely a peppery flavor.

If your a fan of Nicaraguan tobacco, then this a great stick for you and a reasonably priced one at around $8 a stick. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes the heavier and more full bodied cigars. I would give this a 7out of 10 on the Smoke Ring scale.

By the way, not much longer till college football, “ROLL TIDE”

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