La Palina Classic

2013-11-13 12.34.16

Tonight’s cigar is the La Palina Classic. The cigar is a bit of an odd shape, little bigger in ring gauge than usual but still very well constructed. The aroma pre light is definitely a leathery spice. The dry draw is very smooth and I think it will burn great.

The first third of the cigar were definitely what I expected, just a light leathery flavor and some pepper. The amount of smoke from this cigar is amazing and the burn is very sharp and even. I am out on a damp Seattle evening and it continues to burn and leaves a great trail of smoke behind me.

This could definitely be an everyday cigar, it has enough flavor and spice to keep your attention but not over powering and it doesn’t kill my palate. I would definitely recommend picking up a few of these and giving them a try. I am giving this La Palina Classic a solid 7 Smoke Rings.


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