La Palina (Toro)

Hump day needed a little help!


This special lady made it easy. My first La Palina this evening, and it is a delight. I expected a flavor bomb after speaking with friends who have had it, but all I got was one smooth smoke.

The wrapper was a little veiny, and it’s a Mexican tobacco wrapper so that’s usually the case with them. The filler is all Nicaraguan and the combination of the two really make for a smooth cigar.

The burn and flavor profile were excellent. I really got an earthy and creamy flavor from it with just enough spice to make it great.

I’m giving this 8 Smoke Rings mainly for just how easy and enjoyable it is. There’s really nothing exceptional about it other than the ease that this cigar smokes. I would recommend it for anyone who wants a relatively light to medium smoke, perfect with this German Pinkus hefe-weizen.

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