La Riqueza

The La Riqueza by Tatuaje. The look of this cigar after opening the box brought back an old world feel. It’s a very toothy and rough wrapper and a few veins showing which tells me the filler is where the bang is at. These come in boxes of 10 and the price is great.2014-10-30 14.22.39

After cutting the cigar and giving it a dry draw there is definitely a spice with this and almost a clove flavor.

5 minutes in: the smoke is abundant draw is easy and a mellow coffee flavor

20 minutes: The flavor has increased and the white pepper has started to become more prevalent. Dark smoke combined with a strong ash make this a beauty to see. The burn line is great, and the draw effortless.

40 minutes: Mellowed flavors, an even burn, and a cool smoke

Overall this is a great middle of the road cigar, nothing too much of anything. Easy smoke and slides in at a 7 Smoke Rings rating.

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