La Sirena Trident

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The La Sirena Trident, for the Great American Smoke Out. The first thing I would like to say, is I wish I would have started smoking these a few months back when I was sent a 5’er of them. These are really an amazing cigar not to mention the artwork.

The first thing you notice is the huge band and under it there is another band. I really was a little hesitant by the amount of this and just assumed it was to cover up for a mediocre cigar, well I was wrong. This is definitely a cigar I would recommend and the quality of it is fantastic which is the norm from the Pepin factory where it is rolled for the Miami Cigar Company.

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The flavor on the cigar is definitely not what i had expected, instead of the spice it is just a great mild to medium cigar with cedar flavors with come earthy tones. This is a great example of a medium Maduro stick. The burn was great and the ash really hung on and was a dark gray. The Trident produced a great amount of smoke and the flavors stayed consistent down till I nubbed it

I am recommending this cigar, if you want a Maduro with a classy band to go with the fantastic quality inside it. I am giving this cigar 8 Smoke Rings. You can see and read more about the blends from La Sirena



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  1. Great stick, used to be my “step up” Maduro cigar when I worked at a cigar shop, just enough of a boost for those who can’t handle the Nicaraguan powerhouse maduros

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