Las Calaveras


The thunderstorms rolled in and I rolled out a new cigar to enjoy. The Las Calaveras by Crowned Heads.

I had seen these start to pop up around the B&B and thought they looked great but no one really had any gouge on the profile.


Well, I can say without a doubt this is a great cigar.  They are a limited release and will come out once a year to celebrate the dead from the previous year….blah blah blah. Always a story, let’s put a loving memory sticker on a Chevette. The cigar is good. That’s what the story should say, nothing else needed.


It’s a little spicy, little peppery, good burn, easy draw. The cigar itself is made in the Pepin factory in Nicaragua. The trend of Pepin rolled cigars is starting to get very popular, in a way I think this will hurt the quality of their own cigars as they pimp out their factory. It also makes writing reviews easy since the cigars will all taste similar.


The cigar is good, borderline awesome. That’s what I like about it. What I don’t like is the woven history of the reason they are making it. If it’s so important and special then roll it yourself,  not a factory that produces millions of cigars a year. Just put a product out without a sob story (sniff sniff), that’s good and not limited release so the demand is driven by the company.

I am giving the Las Calaveras by Crowned Heads by Pepin,  7 Smoke Rings.  It would have been an 8 but some of the smoke went to the spiritual offering,  by way of marketing.

Make cigars not stories.

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