L’Atelier 56


When you get to enjoying a cigar, the surroundings, and the company you forget to take a before picture.

This morning was a perfect example of forgetting my objective. We loaded up our pups then drove to the lake and I was going to take a few before pics of the cigar but once I got to enjoying it and everything else I just got ahead of myself. This can tell you one thing, it’s a great cigar! Everyone needs a cigar and a morning like this occasionally.

I had previously reviewed the LAT54. This is just a slightly bigger ring gauge and it still maintains all the flavor we have grown to expect from Pete Johnson.


The partnership that Pete and the Pepin factory have is remarkable, nothing bit quality has rolled out in my opinion for quite a while. This is an average priced cigar, around $7-8 depending where you look. I keep these on hand and have just opened a new box this morning for this one.

The spice combined with the coffee and cocoa flavors make this one hell of a morning cigar for me. I am giving this 9 Smoke Rings, up 1 from the previous LAT54 and I think that is due to aging in my humidor for about 6 months.

3 thoughts on “L’Atelier 56

  1. Correct me if i am wrong (but i dont think i am). You mention that pete johnson is behind the l’atelier cigar line. I am sure that KC Johnson (petes brother) is behind the l’atelier line of cigars.

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