Leccia White Label, The smoking lamp is Lit!


Today’s smoke is very new and from an old Navy shipmate of mine, Sam Leccia. Sam introduced two new cigars under his own label after taking an unwelcome break from the industry by no fault of his own. Some of you may know him as the inventor of the “Nub”, a cigar that truly changed the industry as a whole.

The Leccia “White” is one half of his new venture and the other being the “Black”. The white has a mix of Nicaraguan and Pennsylvanian (his home state) tobaccos. I found this cigar to have great construction and the burn was very crisp to go with an amazing draw. The flavor profile was very precise to me and the mix of a cedar and white pepper flavor were easy to pick out.

I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar and maybe even more knowing that this “Skimmer” got it right with his first cigar back. I am rating this with 9 Smoke Rings. Do yourself a favor and pick up a few of these, you won’t be disappointed. Smokem’ if you gottem!!

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