Man O’ War Armada

2013-11-23 15.58.32

The cold weather couldn’t deter me from the sunny afternoon, I broke out a Toro Grande 6.5 x 56  Man O’ War Armada. I knew this would be a good hour to hour and half smoke.

First, I would say AJ Fernandez makes some damn good cigars and he has continued to do so with the Armada. I liked the look of this cigar and had been sitting on it for a few months. The pre light draw was smooth and the construction of the cigar was firm.

The first third of the cigar had a nice but subtle sweet tobacco flavor with just a little pepper. The burn was very sharp and the ash was a bright white color. The cigar started to develop just a little of a cream flavor about midway through, but still maintained the rich tobacco finish.

I enjoyed the entire cigar, but after doing a little research when I got home I was a little amazed to find out the Armada is a $20 cigar. I liked it, but by no means would have guessed a price tag like this. If I spend this kind of $$$ on a cigar, it’s gonna be something a little more rare and refined.

I would easily give this cigar 7 Smoke Rings, the flavor profile was great the burn sharp but the price more than it should be. If your wanting to spend this much on a cigar please grab an Opus.

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